VLocation budget Hotel chain

As stated above, this is a continent with a population of over 1.4B people, an economy on the rise and a mobile youthful population. A continental budget hotel chain across major African cities aims to provide excellent hotel services at affordable price. Like the Africa Affordable Housing Initiative, this project will create employment both at the construction and management stages. We estimate a 30 rooms hotel will create about 12 full time jobs once completed, meaning 3 will create at least 24 jobs excluding supply chain jobs the hotels are sustaining and the fact that it is increasing local spend.

The target is to own 5000 hotel rooms in the most populated African cities and tourist destinations within the next 10 -15 years. Feasibility studies have started in Cameroon and Nigeria, and we are working hard to start the construction of two flagship budget hotels in Douala-Cameroon between March and June 2023 depending on planning permission and land certificate being issued.

This project will offer great returns to investors, to find out how to get involved, please complete this form or email info@valueconstruction.co.uk, alternatively 07485051719 to speak with Kingsley Ekolle.