We do the hard work

The VCG Complete Sourcing Solution (VCG - CSS)

With the VCG - CSS, you buy the property, we do the hard work

“For everything we don’t like to do, there’s always someone out there who’s really good, wants to do it and will enjoy it.”- Josh Kaufman

The VCG - CSS is perfect for anyone who wants to keep all their profits but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to source and refurbish properties themselves. Sourcing suitable properties takes a lot of hard work and experience, so we’re happy to take on that role even though the property will be solely in your name and solely yours.

  • Tailor made to suit you
  • We source properties based on your aspirations and goals
  • You pay us to find your property
  • We use our networks to find you the perfect deal
  • We find the property within 60 days or the activation fee back
  • Property is purchased in your name or LTD company
  • We can introduce you to our solicitor and other members of our power team
  • Property is purchased in your name or LTD company
  • We can introduce you to our solicitor and other members of our power team
  • We can project manage the whole refurbishment
  • We can manage the property if you buy

  • Your Key Benefits

    Why people love the VCG
    Complete Sourcing Solution

  • It is perfect for anyone who’s short of time or inexperienced in property development. Sourcing properties isn’t for everyone, but given how lucrative the market is, it makes sense to outsource the hard work without giving away a slice of your profit.
  • It’s a fast, stress free way to make your money work hard without having to spend months attending auctions, looking for deals, finding development sites or managing tenants.

  • How it works

    We’ll work closely with you to establish your long-term goals and Big Why, we will establish exactly what you are looking for and once you are happy you then pay an activation fee to find the perfect property for you. Our service is tailored made to suit you and we work with you on a 1-2-1 bases providing you the highest level of service and commitment. Once we find your investment, we can introduce you to members of our power team such as solicitors and brokers or you can use your own.

    The property will be purchased in your name or LTD company so you will be the sole owner and can do whatever you choose with your profits. In the highly unlikely event that we haven’t found something you love within 60 days you’ll get the activation fee paid back, and if you pull out before the end of the period we retain the activation fee for time spent.

    If this product is of interest to you, then please Contact Us or Call us on 01706526435.

    Single Let sourcing fee - £2500
    HMO sourcing fee - £3000
    Commercial Conversions/Land Developments sourcing fee ---> 1.5% - 2.5% of purchase price
    Project Management - 12% of build cost
    Lettings management - 12% Single Let or 15% HMO of gross rental income per month

    typical fees

    Why choose the VCG Complete Sourcing Solution?

    This is the perfect opportunity for you to become cash rich even if you’re time poor. Our onsite team can cover all aspects of the sourcing process, including managing tenants and rental agreements.
    Because we are highly skilled and experienced, we’re able to find you a great deal and do all the hard work on your behalf without having any stake in the property itself. If you’re looking to secure your future and achieve financial freedom but don’t have the time to do it all yourself, the VCG Complete Sourcing Solution could be perfect for you.

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