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The VCG Buy-to-Sell or The VCG flip

It is based on the simple concept of quick turnaround or commonly referred to as property flip where we buy, develop then sell for fast profit. To borrow from Andrew Carnegie “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so by owning real-estate/property.”

The VCG buy-to-sell option focuses on quick turnaround (buy, develop, sell), this could be buying an underpriced property, refurbish and sell or a commercial conversion into multiple units or land development with the aim of quick sale so that we can recycle the capital.

The duration of each project varies but not more than two years as all projects are planned with a pre-determined exit of under two years. Buy-to sell projects usually require larger portions of capital, hence are rewarding. So, they are for well-established investors or joint ventures between a group of investors with each investor benefit proportionate to their investment.

The concept of quick turnaround or property flipping is to source good value deals, buy low, refurbish fast and sell high for a fast and generous profit.

  • Best suited to larger sums of capital or joint venture between three or more investors
  • You invest the money, we do the work
  • Six months to two-year investment program You get all your initial investment capital back
  • Full access to our Power Team
  • Profits are split 50/50 or proportionately where there are more than two investors
  • Set up as a limited company on your own or with VCG
  • Suitable for residential flips, commercial conversions and land development projects

  • Main Benefits

    Why you will love the VCG Buy-to-Sell scheme

    The VCG Buy-to-Sell product is perfect for investors with larger amounts of money to invest with the aim of a faster return on their investment.
    This strategy is particularly popular with high net worth individuals, business angels and company directors or joint venture investors who understand business and are attracted to large, exciting projects.

    Eight good reasons why you
    will love the VCG buy-to-sell scheme:

  • A carefully assembled delivery team for each project - We have most trades in-house and have sub-contractors in specialist areas lined up.
  • Quick but realistic turn around for your investment.
  • Low risk on your investment - each deal is carefully sourced and costed to ensure a healthy return.
  • Promise of a healthy return - each deal is carefully analysed using a tried and tested preliminary deal analysis calculator by experts.
  • An opportunity to build mutually profitable joint ventures with those interested to get their teeth into exciting new property development projects.
  • The VCG sell-to-buy product is a great way to see a significant return on your investment which the banks will never offer you.
  • We give you full access to our Power Team who can take care of all the legal issues, taxes and finance whilst we get to work on making your money work hard for you.
  • Great opportunity to make reasonable and realistic money - there are few opportunities in life to make a significant amount of money in a shorter time frame. The VCG buy-to-sell product is a genuine chance to do exactly that, so, if you and your loved ones would benefit from a life changing investment, then we’d love to work with you.

  • How it works

    VCG will work closely with you to ascertain your goals and Big Why, then establish exactly what you are looking for and once you are happy you then pay an activation fee to find the perfect deal for you.

    Our service is tailored made to suit investors and we work with investors on a 1-2-1 bases providing you the highest level of service and commitment. Once we find your investment, we then introduce you to members of our power team such as solicitors, tax advisers and brokers or you can use yours. The property will be purchased in your name or LTD Company or JV direct with VCG.

    The Buy to Sell scheme works on the same principle as the Portfolio Builder but the investment period is shorter.

    Profits are split 50/50 but you’ll receive all your investment back at the end of the project unless you choose to re-invest. Given that VCG buy-to-sell requires a larger initial investment you can expect significant returns within a short period of time.

    In the highly unlikely event that we couldn’t find something you love within 60 days you’ll get the activation fee paid back, and if you pull out before the end of the period, we retain the activation fee for time spent.

    If this product is of interest to you, then please Contact Us or Call us on 01706526435.

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