Country profile and potential

Nigeria is Africa`s most populous nation with about 215 Million people and a 3.2% growth rate. It is estimated that by 2050, the population of Nigeria will hit 400 million at current growth rate. The country has a GDP of $1.14 trillion (2022). It received about 321,000,000 tourists in 2022 and internal travel remains on the increase as it has one of the most youthful populations on the continent and more Nigerians travel internally every day than a quarter of the entire continent put together.

Some stats about Nigeria that attracted VCG Homes Ltd to set up its country hub in Abuja.

Population Percentage
Total Population 215,928,431 100%
Young Population 93,240,638 43.18%
Working Age Population 116,276,341 53.85%
Elderly Population 6,411,452 2.97%

Working age population will be more than 60% of total population by the year 2043 given that the total population is expected to reach 400 million by 2050. Below is the population Pyramid of Nigeria

Population Pyramid of Nigeria in 2022
Figure 1: Population Pyramid of Nigeria in 2022 (source: Population Pyramids, 2022).

This population pyramid favours a mobile, working age dominated and productive nation because it bulges at the bottom indicating a nation with a more youthful and working age population, making it a pull factor for investment although not without other challenges.

For a budget hotel chain to dominate a country with 50 states and about 36 cities with over a million people where 20 cities have a population of over 3 million people will always be a tall order. However, because we are an ambitious bunch, we have set ourselves the task to own over 1500 hotel rums in Nigeria in our drive to be the # 1 budget hotel in the country between 2023 and 2035. Our target states our Lagos, Oyo, ongun, Osun, Rivers, Ondo, Edo, Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) and Cross River, these are the Southern and Eastern states. We will then assess our progress before making an internal expansion decision. Our operations will be directed from our country headquarters in Abuja.

Goal to 2035: 1500 hotel rooms, 50 schemes, 1050 permanent jobs, 200-250 jobs could be sustained through our sub-contractors/supply chain and 1800 construction jobs could be created. A further 100 young men and women to be offered construction trainee roles in different disciplines lasting between 6-8 weeks.

For further details, please visit our African Project Development Initiative page or contact our Head of Operations and Country Director -Alfred Duyile on 0044 7932352117.

Our vision for Nigeria - VLocation

VCG Homes Ltd

Nigeria like most African countries is experiencing an acute housing shortage with 62 million people living in poor housing while a further 206 million Nigerians live in informal housing (Vanguard, 2021). Hence any effort that can help alleviate the housing shortage will make a difference in the lives of both the direct and indirect beneficiaries, create jobs, increase local spend and boost the local economy.

In the light of the above, within the framework of our African Project Development Initiative, our affordable housing programme in Nigeria will be Launched in 2023 under the theme “Increasing the supply of affordable homes in Nigeria with 20,000 dwellings by 2050”. To achieve this, we are enlisting the partnership and cooperation of the Local & Federal Governments, local construction stakeholders and international partners. We will be delivering mixed development schemes with options including rental homes, outright sale and rent to buy for the least well off. We expect this scheme to be dominated by the rental option as the least welt-off are likely to afford to rent than to buy.

For further details, see the African Project Development Initiative which has helped inform our goals for Nigeria

Goal to 2050:20,000 dwellings, at least 1, 200 permanent jobs, 2000 construction jobs, 500- 700 jobs could be sustained through our sub-contractors (plumbers, joiners, electricians, water & electricity engineers etc). A further 1200 jobs could be created by ancillary services such as new markets or shops, schools, clinics etc. A further 200-300 young men and women to be offered construction trainee roles in different disciplines lasting between 12 -24 weeks

For further details as to how our typical affordable housing scheme will look like, please visit African Project Development Initiative or contact Alfred D. on 0044 7932352117, email:

Who is leading our team in Cameroon?

Our Head of Operations and Country Director in Cameroon is Mr. Roland Abru.

Prior to joining VCG, he founded a thriving real estate company with head quarter in Douala as a mark for his passion for construction and real estate.

Before his full integration into the real estate sector, he had gained 5 years of part time experience in the construction industry. He is an experienced accountant with 12 years industrial practice at different levels, with five years as Finance Director for a nationally recognised institution. He also has a mastery of the Cameroon taxation and administrative system.

In spite his comprehensive experience in accounting/finance, his passion compelled him in 2018 to consider a switch to real estate. His real estate company now develops and sells properties, construct as well as facilitate acquisition of properties for both local and international clients.

He is a holder of a BSc in accounting and currently undertaking a certificate program in real estate development.

Value Construction Group

Alfred Duyile

- Head of Operations and Country Director

For further details regarding our operations in Cameroon, please contact Roland via the below details or email us via

VCG Homes Ltd-Nigeria