management team

The day-to-day responsibility for the running of the business rests with the Executive Management Team (EMT). They oversee the daily operations of VCG group of businesses for efficiently, productive, compliance and to reward investors and customers.

The EMT is supported by “The VCG Power Team”, a team of consultants such as architects, lawyers, financial advisers, planning consultants, property tax experts and the building team/tradespeople..

The VCG Power Team is responsible for supporting the EMT with professional and strategic advice in the general operation of the business. Although they work behind the scenes, their role is extremely important to the success of VCG Group of businesses..
Please meet members of our Executive Management Team.

Kingsley Ekolle-Managing Director

Kingsley Ekolle
Managing Director

Mr Ekolle is responsible for steering VCG group of businesses to success to ensure:

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Mac Atem -IT and Business Development Manager

Mac Atem
IT and Business Development Manager

Mac is a seasoned System professional and experienced in accounting processes. He holds about seven years’ experience in various accounting functions including compliance

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Greg Smith

Greg Smith
Head of property Development

Greg has a commercial background and brings excellent transferable skills beefed-up with a passion for property development. He has a strong commitment and a unique interest in home improvement with a solution focused approach in providing Value for customers.

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Anna Gamma-New Build Manager

Gamma Wilson
Director of construction

Gemma is Construction Manager by profession and has worked all over Europe for different companies and specialises in residential developments. With over ten years of Project Management experience, she is vastly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in managing

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Walter Ejong-Health and Safety Manager

Walter Ejong
Health and Safety Manager

Walters has spent the last five years at a strategic level as a Health & Safety Manager and experienced in leading, planning and coordinating this important department.

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Armstrong Ngoh-Director of Finance

Armstrong Ngoh
Director of Finance

Armstrong is an experienced accountant and proud of about a decade experience in Accounting and Auditing across both the private and public sectors.

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Shahid  Mahmood -Marketing and Communications Manager

Shahid Mahmood
Marketing & Communications Manager

Haven’t worked for a blue-chip company after graduating, Shahid has an interest in building commercial relationships with customers and construction stakeholders in delivering positive outcomes.

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