Kingsley Ekolle

Managing Director

Mr Ekolle is responsible for steering VCG group of businesses to success to ensure:

  • Investors, customers, and the public get the best value in every project-large or small.
  • Lead the development of the short- and long-term investment strategy of VCG to guarantee VCG always provides the best services.
  • Place partnership, collaboration, and cooperation with other stakeholders at the heart of VCG`s vision, mission, and values.

Having worked for housing associations and Local Authorities across London and Greater Manchester, Kingsley has extensive experience in both the housing and property industry. He has close to decades of experience in property and housing management with a passion for delivering excellence.
He has a unique position in property and construction as he understands both sides of the industry because he is a construction enthusiast who has spent considerable time linking the construction industry with his property management background. He holds an MSc in Project Management in Construction with distinction, a first-class degree in Construction Project Management and a Foundation Degree in Housing Practice with distinction. He enjoys Chattered Membership of the Chattered Institute of Housing for England and Wales and has won two academic awards.