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Cameroon has a population of about 23 million people with a GDP of about £38.7 billion (2022). It receives about 3 million foreign visitors a year and has a youthful mobile population, it’s two most populous cities are Douala and Yaoundé,

Douala is the economic hub of the country with a GDP of about £12.5 billion (2022) and a growth rate of about 4.35% a year with a population of about 1.4 million people. It receives about 1.2 million visitors a year for reasons which include business, the search for employment, education, transit, cultural, family visits, tourism etc).

Yaoundé is the capital of Cameroon with a population of about 1.3 million people and a GDP of about £5.7 billion (2022) and receives over 800.000 visitors a year.

The six other cities we are interested in now are Bafoussam (290,768), Bertoua (218,111) Edea (203,149), Loum (177,429), Nkongsamba (117,063), and the port & tourist resort of Kribi (55,300), they are all thriving, compact to manage and have great potential for both affordable housing and a chain budget hotel.

We intend to dominate these cities with our budget hotel chain project by making VLocation the most popular budget hotel in the country and one of choice for the mobile population of Cameroon. We also aim to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing excellent accommodation, great food, and superb customer care. In this light, we intend to build at least 4-6 hotels in Douala, 3-5 in Yaoundé, and a further 6 in 4 other cities within ten years and plan to sandwich this with service apartments across these cities.

Goal to 2040: 450 hotel rooms, 15 schemes, 360 permanent jobs, 70-100 jobs could be sustained through our sub-contractors/supply chain partners and 700 construction jobs could be created. We also intend to offer at least 50 young men and women construction trainee roles in different disciplines.

For further details, please complete this form or email, alternatively please ring 0044 7485051719 to speak with Kingsley Ekolle or 00237 675097207 to speak with Roland Abru.

Our vision for Cameroon - VLocation

VCG Homes Ltd

In the last 20 years, major towns and cities across Cameroon have sprawled exponentially because of demand for housing resulting to urban problems. This is because housing development has not been used to address conventional urban problems such as waste disposal, drainage systems and urban planning & design. According to Crédit Foncier du Cameroun (CFC), by 1997, Cameroon was experiencing about 10% annual economic growth rate, this led to mass rural-urban exodus by young and middle-aged men and women in search of a better life. Twenty-five years after the creation of CFC, the demand for urban housing is even more dire because urban housing stock is unstructured and insufficient both quantitatively and qualitatively to provide a satisfactory response to this strong and increasing demand. According to the International Finance Corporation, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and an additional 2.6 billion people will be living in cities by 2050, mainly in developing countries. The UN reports that African cities become the new home to over 40,000 people every day, many of whom end up either roofless or in poor housing.

The Boston based Affordable Housing Institute (n.d) in its Stocktaking of the Housing Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa report Part 2 on Cameroon highlights that the housing supply gap in Cameroon has been growing due to national and urban demographic dynamics and a combination of other factors. Shelter Afrique as cited by Business in Cameroon (2021) adds that this has led to a significant housing shortage because in 2010, Cameroons affordable housing shortage stood at over one million units, by 2013, it was 1.5 million units and in 2021, it was about 2.5 million units.

In the light of the above and considering the gap between demand and supply for affordable housing is expected to continue to widen because of lack of provision and population grow, we have launched the “Affordable and Decent Homes Project for an average Cameroonian”, under our African Project Development Initiative. This is an ambitious plan to build 10,000 homes in Cameroon which align with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in collaboration with both local and international partners by 2040. This may include decongesting urban areas like Douala and Yaoundé by building new garden cities as well as regenerating run down neighbourhoods, building industrial estates, and regenerating local markets.

In this regard, we plan to develop mixed development schemes offering a range of options such as build to rent, outright sale and rent to buy for the least well off and expect the rental option to be dominate our developments because more people in low-income countries are more likely to afford to rent than to buy outrightly.

Goal to 2040: 10,000 dwellings, 500 permanent jobs, 1500 construction jobs,300- 500 jobs could be sustained through our sub-contractors and supply chain partners (plumbers, joiners, electricians, water & electricity engineers etc). A further 600 jobs should be created by ancillary services such as new markets or shops, schools, clinics etc.

For further details as to how our typical affordable housing scheme will look like, please visit African Project Development Initiative or fill in this form, alternatively please ring 0044 7485051719 to speak with Kingsley Ekolle or 00237 675097207 to speak with Roland Abru.

Who is leading our team in Cameroon?

Our Head of Operations and Country Director in Cameroon is Mr. Roland Abru.

Prior to joining VCG, he founded a thriving real estate company with head quarter in Douala as a mark for his passion for construction and real estate.

Before his full integration into the real estate sector, he had gained 5 years of part time experience in the construction industry. He is an experienced accountant with 12 years industrial practice at different levels, with five years as Finance Director for a nationally recognised institution. He also has a mastery of the Cameroon taxation and administrative system.

In spite his comprehensive experience in accounting/finance, his passion compelled him in 2018 to consider a switch to real estate. His real estate company now develops and sells properties, construct as well as facilitate acquisition of properties for both local and international clients.

He is a holder of a BSc in accounting and currently undertaking a certificate program in real estate development.

Roland Abru

Abru Roland

- Head of Operations and Country Director

For further details regarding our operations in Cameroon, please contact Roland via the below details or email us via

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P O Box 1528 Buea
Fako Division
South West Region-Cameroon
Tel: 00237 675097207