African Affordable Housing Initiative

Help local businesses and local authorities to diversify  Our understanding is that most local authorities do not have a sustained income flow, similarly, most businesses are not diversified enough to withstand economic shocks. This initiative can give local business and councils the opportunity to make a bold decision that can dramatically change their revenues in the next 10 years and beyond.

Create employment  A development of 1000 homes will create about 70-100 permanent well paid jobs after completion while a 3000 homes development will create about 180-250 well paid jobs. Each development is likely to create jobs at the construction stage and a development of 1000 homes takes at least 3 years to complete and can create over 400 jobs directly and employ at least 10 sub- contractors in plumbing, electricity, roofing, and tiling trades. When you multiply this by our ambitious plan to build at least 10,000 homes in every country in which we operate, that is a huge economic boost over 10 -15 years.

Create a community with reliable electricity supply  – using a combination of the national electricity grid and modern solar technology to power the community.

Improved environmental management  Each development will be planned and designed with sewage and garbage disposal in mind and well paved roads. Hence, a dedicated team will work weekly to collect all the waste and dump it in landfills designated by the local council.

Create communities where people want to live – enjoy life, work, and socialise by incorporating well designed and maintained green spaces, well paved streets, and facilities such as off licences, shops, libraries, community schools etc.

Improve the health of residents  This is because it will cut out the four disease causing headaches in an average community, i.e., lack of access to clean water, dirty and mosquito infested neighbourhoods, use of pit toilets and poor housing.

The project will also:

  • Increase local spend
  • Use property development as a development catalyst.
  • Increase government revenue

The target is to Build 50,000 homes in at least 6 different countries within 15 years. Our efforts are already underway in Cameroon and Nigeria although at infantry stage, we also hope to launch the project in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya by December 2023.

Each project will be designed with respect to the country and city where it`s being delivered considering the specific local situation.

This project promises great returns to investors, to find out how to get involved please complete this form or email or contact Kingsley Ekolle on 07485051719.

This project aims to provide low-cost housing by working in partnership with local and international partners. The goal is to make every initiative at least 70% locally owned to ensure the benefits trickle down during the lifetime of the assets. The main objectives envisaged include: