Services for Commercial Clients

Commercial Building Construction

This service is for you if you are:

A housing association
Estate or letting agent
Property developer
Construction company
Construction management contractor
Housing services and/or accommodation provider
Local authority
Interested or involved in land development
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Construction Management Services

We are interested in residential property projects only, so whether you are an individual, a public or private sector client, we can take the pressure off your shoulders by project managing your development. Using our “open book construction model”, you remain involved in all aspects of the project to the extent you desire from start to finish. You have full access to our Power Team and continuous briefings throughout the lifecycle of the project.
Construction Management Services
Revamping homes

Revamping empty homes

A Report published by Action On Empty Homes in September 2019 states that, there were over 200,000 empty homes in England in 2019, as part of our affordable homes plans, we aim to work with local authorities, housing associations and private sector stakeholders in bringing empty homes back to use. We have a strong passion in being part of the solution to the affordable housing crises facing our nation and will work collaboratively to achieve this. Here we aim to project manage every building and to turn it around within the shortest time possible, using a combination of our in-house trades and local builders such as roofers, retrofitting companies and structural engineers to ensure every home completed is safe and energy efficient.

Fit-out and refurbishment

Our experienced site managers and builders have worked on some of the most challenging refurbishment projects you can think of. We have in-house expertise in structural works, stabilisation of existing fabric, renovation, installation of services, painting, and decoration. Every refurbishment work is allocated a structural engineer to ensure the integrity of the building and ensure its life span is guaranteed and delivered to a high standard. Also see VCG Residential Services for full details.
Fit-out and refurbishment

Land Development

Whether you are a private landowner, property developer, public body or a private limited company, we are interested in working with all stakeholders in realising the potential of any land worthy of residential development. If you are looking to develop it for residential purpose, then choose VCG as your preferred joint venture partner or subcontractor and reap loads of benefits.

Affordable Housing Partnership

Our affordable housing initiative focuses on working collaboratively with public and private sector stakeholders in delivering affordable housing on agreed terms. Our approach is underpinned by safety, using modern methods of construction, incorporating digital construction tools and on-time delivery. Our business model is a “scheme by scheme approach”, this is because it gives VCG the latitude to be efficient, cost effective in delivering quality homes that exceed customer expectations. Each project brings together a multidisciplinary team focused on meeting the needs of all stakeholders including the end user to ensure high performance & delivery. Mixed development schemes may include apartments, houses, HMO and housing for older people or support accommodation for people with additional needs. So, if this sound like you, then, do not hesitate to contact VCG.
Affordable Housing Partnership

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