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This is the marketplace for a group of business owned or managed by Value Construction Group Ltd. The Value Construction Group of businesses offer construction and property development services, business education and property & housing management services.

Land acquisition and development - this is where we unleash our residential real estate ambition.

Affordable Housing Partnership - working collaboratively with Housing Associations, Local Authorities and other stakeholders to increase the number of social housing units built every year.

Renovations and extension - driveways & Patios - Supporting local people in the community to improve their homes.

Mechanical and Electrical-heating , plumbing and electric.

Construction Management Services - We relief you of the pressure and manage your project from inception to completion.

Revamping empty homes - It is not a secret that Britain is experiencing a housing crisis, our goal is to work with local partners to bring empty homes back to use.

Painting and decoration - Housing is not just about bricks & mortar, we believe in decent and aesthetically pleasing homes.

Fit-out and refurbishment - New kitchen, bathroom or just a new face lift, give VCG a ring.

General joinery - bathrooms, kitchen, stairways, doors, windows, fencing & skirting.

I am a property developer or homes builder - we can help you to complete that project earlier than you thing - involve VCG and save time and money.

VCG Products & Investors - Working with our partners, VCG provides an investment vehicle you can trust. Make us your preferred investment partner and you will be rewarded accordingly. To explore our products and the investment options we offer, please click VCG Products & Investors. We offer investors new income streams and the opportunity to build assets. “VCG is the place where your money is safe”.

We are here to help you realise your project through our professionally driven procedures throughout the project lifecycle. Our success is driven by the VCG Power Team working hard to help our clients and investors realise their dreams. That is why we are Value Construction Group-a company owned and managed by construction professionals and tradespeople.
“Make VCG part of your project and we will reward you with quality and satisfaction” Learn More About our Services

| VCG At A Glance


At Value Construction Group , we believe the built environment should affect everyone positively, this underpins our passion for places of work, leisure, and residence.

Our niche area is both commercial and residential homes, the range of services we provide include:

| Mission Statement

  • To provide quality customer service, workmanship and maintain the highest level of integrity, professionalism and fairness in our relationship with all stakeholders.

  • To grow by continually providing important and cost saving solutions to our target customers and strive to be a trusted construction firm in serving local people, business and public bodies.

  • | Vision Statement

  • To be the preferred contractor/builder for local stakeholders- a company that our customers want to work with, and our employees are proud to work for.
  • vision

    Strive to continually improve places where people live, work and enjoy leisure through a better planned, designed, built and maintained built environment.
    That is why we are Value Construction Group-a company owned and managed by construction professionals and tradespeople. To find out how we can be of help or to partner with us as an investor, please Contact Us or call 01706526435.

    | Why are we doing this?

    Maximise the talent pool in the Black and Ethnic Minority communities curb the waste of talent in the Black and Ethnic Minority community, according to a Government Race Disparity Audit Report, (2017), too many BAME talent is being wasted. Although the construction industry is experiencing severe skills shortage, young people from BAME background continue to find it difficult if not impossible to enter the industry. The long-term goal of VCG is not just to give all young people access to the industry but to network with industry stakeholders.

    The impact of Brexit on the UK construction industry  the construction industry relies on migrant labour from EU to meet local needs, stricter immigration rules after 31 December 2020 will in the long term exacerbate skills and labour shortage. Industry leaders are afraid this can increase the cost of work as well as impact on the number of residential homes completed annually. At VCG, one of our long-term goals is to plug this gap by encouraging local people to consider a career in construction.

    Affordable Housing – Support central government and local authorities affordable housing strategy.  As a nation experiencing a housing crisis because we are simply unable to build enough houses, VCG aims to do its bit in contributing to the number of homes completed every year. Our Managing Director has worked in a local authority housing department for over 12 years and understands the magnitude of the problem, hence, we aim to make affordable housing with mixed developments our niche area.

    Reduce Unemployment  One of our medium-term goals is to reduce unemployment in our community as well as work with local businesses to continue to oil the engine of our local economy. Hence, it is of interest to us to work collaboratively with local technical, engineering, local authorities and housing associations to create the impetus for more local jobs.

    Save Money –Many people lose money trying to project manage their own work, we are here to relief you of such pressure and to help complete your work on time & budget. Our promise is that you will be satisfied with the quality of work we will deliver.

    At VCG, your safety comes first